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We Help Auto Mechanics Find You
Have a mechanic come to you for vehicle maintenance or repair on your schedule.
What is Oxivi?

Oxivi is a vehicle repair and maintenance service where our Repair Experts fix your car or truck at the location of your choice.

Many vehicle repairs or regular maintenance procedures don't need a repair garage, so why waste time going to one?

You receive a full estimate before any work begins and you can safely speak with your Repair Expert before they arrive to clarify any questions. Payment is always by credit card so there is no need for cash. Weekends and late-night are no problem, we operate around the clock.

Do you really come to where I am?

Yes! Our Repair Experts service your vehicle at your location, whether it is at your home, work, or anywhere in between.

Why travel to a garage when you can save time and have the garage come to you!

Speak with a Repair Expert within
15 minutes of being matched

Don't know what's wrong? No problem, we won't make you guess! You can speak with a real live Repair Expert before your service who will diagnose what your vehicle needs.

With our Oxivi Talk system you never have to worry about your personal information being given out - you can talk, text or email your Repair Expert and we will never disclose your phone number or email address.

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Creating a request is fast and easy, and there's no obligation unless you agree to the estimated cost. A Repair Expert will contact you within 15 minutes of accepting your request to discuss your service and help diagnose your vehicle's needs - you don't need to guess which services to choose.
Have your vehicle repaired or maintained on your schedule today!

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* A Repair Expert will contact you via Oxivi Talk within 15 minutes of being assigned to your request, but only if it is safe for them to do so. As a mobile service, Oxivi reminds all customers and Repair Experts to obey all local regulations regarding the use of mobile devices while driving. We recommend that you pull over to the side of the road to a safe location or wait until arriving at your destination before using your mobile device to use the Oxivi system.