Do you really come to where my car is? Even if it is by the side of the road?
Yes, we do! Our mechanics are fully equipped to service your vehicle right where it is in most cases. Please keep in mind that some areas do not allow roadside repairs and if your vehicle is to be serviced on private property, you will need permission from the owner.
Where can I find my VIN number and why do you need it?
Your car’s VIN number is like a serial number; each one is unique and contains important information about your vehicle. We use the VIN to correctly identify your vehicle’s make, model, year, and available options (Don’t worry, a VIN is not like a social security number; there is no personal information about you in the VIN. The VIN number was assigned to your car before it was even sold to you!). This allows the mechanics not only to service your vehicle with the proper parts as specified by the manufacturer, but it also allows them to give a more accurate estimate on time and cost for your service. You can your vehicle’s VIN in one of several places – It is always on the top of the dash right where the bottom of your windshield is connected to the car (look at the dash through the glass from outside the car, you’ll see a metal tag with the VIN on it). You may also find the VIN printed on a sticker on the end of the driver’s side door (open the door from the outside and look at the vertical surface around the corner from the handle). You may also find your VIN printed on your car’s documentation such as the vehicle registration card or your insurance card.
Can I get a quote before the mechanic arrives?
A full service estimate is provided to you before any work is ever performed. We strongly encourage our mechanics to provide the estimate before they arrive on scene (which is why we ask you for your VIN). There are some rare cases where the mechanic may need to inspect the vehicle before writing an estimate, but you will still have to approve it before work commences.
Do I have to accept the estimate the mechanic provides to me?
No, you are under zero obligation to accept the estimate and if you like, you can ask the mechanic for a new estimate. Keep in mind that if you refuse the mechanic’s estimate because you feel the price is to high, the mechanic is not obligated to write you another estimate and your service request could be canceled.
Can I schedule my appointment for a certain date and time?
Since we come to you, we will need to make sure you are available, so yes, you can specify the best available date and time for your service. Before your service begins you will have a chance to speak with either our community manager or the mechanic assigned to your request and you can make arrangements for date and time then.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, in fact, we only accept credit cards (no cash or check)
Do I need to be present when the mechanic arrives?
Yes, you (or another pre-arranged and authorized adult) needs to be present with the vehicle before the mechanic begins work and after they have finished. You will also need to present the keys to the vehicle in the event that the mechanic needs to start the vehicle or access something in the passenger cabin. While the service is being performed you do not need to be present. Please keep in mind that our mechanics cannot under any circumstances drive your vehicle, so if it needs to be moved, you will need to move it for them.
Is this only emergency service or do you provide regular maintenance as well?
We provide both emergency service (defined as light repair that can be performed in the field) and regular maintenance. We think having your oil changed, tires rotated, and engine checked while you’re at work, home, or even while shopping is a convenience everyone should experience.
Can your mechanics work on my BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Range Rover, or other premium and luxury vehicle?
Yes! Our mechanics are experienced with all makes and models and can repair your luxury vehicle using factory parts installed to manufacturer standards.
Can your mechanic install parts I purchased myself?
Yes! If you have already purchased the correct and required parts our mechanics can install them. To keep things easy, our mechanics can quote you part prices as well. It’s completely up to you! If you have already purchased your parts we will need the manufacturer name and part number to complete an estimate for you first
How do you dispose of waste oils and fluids?
We are environment-conscious and make sure that all waste fluids are properly collected and disposed of or recycled based on best practices and local ordinance. Our service prices already include disposal fees so you will not see an extra charge on your bill.
Do you work on fleet vehicles?
We do not have a fleet program at this time but if you contact us we can try and arrange something just for your needs.
Do you work on other vehicles like food trucks?
Yes! Need the oil changed on the generator in your food truck? (surprised that we knew that?) We absolutely work on food trucks, both the main engine as well as support systems that keep your kitchens cooking. We can perform repairs or maintenance right where you're parked so you don’t lose your prime spot.
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