What is Oxivi Talk?

Keeping your personal information safe

Oxivi Talk is a communication system that let's you speak, text, or email with your Repair Expert without giving away your personal email address or phone number.

It is important that you be able to freely communicate with your Repair Expert in order to receive the best possible service for your vehicle. Even though the Repair Experts in our network are hand-picked for their experience and professionalism, some customers my feel unsafe providing their email address or phone number to a stranger. To prevent any leaks of your personal information, the Oxivi Talk system creates a special email address and phone number just for your service request which you can use to contact your Repair Expert. When you call, text, or email your Repair Expert, they will only see this temporary address or number, not your personal information. When your service has completed, the special email address and phone number are disconnected, meaning you can no longer contact the Repair Expert and they cannot contact you.

We believe that as a customer, your safety and the security of your personal information is a priority and you should not have to reveal identifying information to have your vehicle serviced.

Note that messages and calls made via the Oxivi Talk system may be monitored and recorded. Please refer to the Oxivi Terms of Use for details.

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